#TweeLog Series - How would you Answer 'Can we meet you?' at a Job Interview without Sounding Sleepy?

The inevitable bland question of all time during an interview  - 'Can we meet you?'

Makes you want to raise and eyebrow and politely reply, "err...you've got my resume in front of you. That should give you a good enough story of my life".

But out of respect for the world of job hunting and the fact that you've got three extra minutes to quickly chip in the super awesome part of you your resume didn't quite capture (did I mention I write backwards as fluidly as I write the normal way?), you're stuck between stating something that actually captures the attention or recounting the otherwise boring details on your resume.

Duh...Like everyone uses the same key words in the 'Objectives' part. Really. *straightface*

I guess it depends on my mood. I can either go the I-want-to-capture-your-attention-mode route and state that I am probably in the 5th percentile of people the interviewer will ever meet who can write backwards fluidly and with my right hand or both hands at the same time writing in opposite directions, as a prelude to introducing myself as a Communications Specialist (hey, I got your attention, didn't I?)....or I can just memorise my cv and vomit it all within 3 minutes.

My call.

How would you reply?

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Fashola says - It’s the Little Things We do People Remember

Credit: Pixabay
Every 1st of December, a song plays over in my mind – ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’ – and this year is no exception. I am excited.

Since Monday December 1st, I have been dreaming of Christmas, my most wonderful time of the year (call me childish if you like) where I will hopefully get to vacation till I drop, spend time with my family, hug my laptop and complete work on my script ideas, read novels, eat and drink without feeling guilty and generally, jonze about. You know the feeling…

Not until I attended this event last week Thursday, I realised my thoughts of Christmas have been centred on me and my family. Last week, I attended the town hall meeting of the Lagos State Security Trust Fund and its stakeholders. Our able Lagos state governor, Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola, mounted the podium and gave a sincere speech that got me thinking. No, I’m not talking political speech here though I know there must certainly have been undertones especially at a politically charged period like this.

He gave a brief history of the Trust Fund highlighting its achievements till date – how crime has been kept to a minimum in Lagos since the past 3 years. I do remember the countless robberies at several banks years ago which I noticed have reduced.

That’s not my focus though.

Just Do It!

I have a friend who loves to dream up grand ideas. I’m always in awe of him when he comes up with this big idea after another; he just makes you look like a lazy donkey. But when it comes to implementing his ideas, the same ‘he’ would bring up hundred reasons why it won’t work citing valid reasons that actually make sense. Each time we get into an argument about a grand idea once again tossed into the waste basket, I end up looking like the one without foresight.

The truth is: problems are everywhere. Heck, I can count ten reasons why I shouldn’t leave my bed
every morning. But I do anyway despite that Lagos roads are bad, the drivers are crazy, my car can veer off the road  and tumble into a ditch  and I may not even achieve what I set out to achieve and waste an entire day. Does that stop me from leaving my bed in the morning?

What if the idea of success is not as real as we think it is?

Before you read any further, kindly take this simple exercise. Write down three people whom you know (think) are successful. Done that? Okay, let’s continue. We’ll get to that later. Thanks!

I was once at a job interview where I was asked to define what success means to me. I can’t quite remember my answer just to show you how inconsequential my reply must have been, but I do remember that the question haunted me afterwards.

What criteria do we use to judge success? Is our definition of success influenced by our own needs and desires? What if success is more psychological than physical? Is success something made up by our minds?

Let’s first try to analyse the general view of success, shall we?

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